The Feeling of Existential Threat

Something I’d like any Trump followers to think about (if I have any): when the Nazi party is cheering someone on, it’s very hard not to experience that as an existential threat.

And existential threats make people panic into self defense mode. It’s very hard to turn back the clock on the election, but the existential threat is real.

If you think people are exagerating it, help make that true. If the KKK is cheering your reaction on, rethink. Talk. Listen. I’m happy to talk to anyone privately if you reach out.

But reflecting on my own thoughts, this is a big part of what happened this election.

Existential fear is a mofo.

Please please please let’s work together to marginalize the KKK and the nazi party as I know you believe they should be.

A follow-up from Twitter (

This sentiment is the result of a tremendous amount of personal soul searching. It is genuinely not intended as an attack.

I think people of good will and faith on both sides of this benefit from trying to understand how it felt to be on the other side.

And because I benefited from soul searching, I am trying to pay it forward. This is not a polished, perfect, fit-for-viral-meme message.

It’s a from-the-heart statement about how Trump’s candidacy (and now his appointment of Bannon) feels to people who have historically experienced existential threats, attacks or discrimination.


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